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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Selfie Hero Contest #V4VijayTV

Are you a selfie hero? Do you post selfies all over the web? Think you can make a killer selfie? Vijay TV celebrates its shows, stars and crew by posting selfies!!! 

Join our stars in posting selfies with the hashtag, #V4VijayTV on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and get featured on our 2.5 million-strong social media community. 

How to participate
Use your webcam, laptop camera or mobile camera to take a picture of yourself. 
Hold two fingers (index and middle finger) in a V with your palm facing toward you. 
You can take the selfie by yourself or with friends. 
There is no limit on the number of submissions you can make. Post as many as you like. 

The top entries will get you a backstage pass and special privileges to the Eighth Annual Vijay Awards gala event. You could hang out with your favorite Vijay TV stars in the green room. You could get VIP seats. Who knows!?!? 

Last date for submissions is 30 Jun 2014. Start posting now!!!!  

Terms & Conditions
Vijay TV reserves the right to edit the contest submissions. 
Vijay TV's decision on the contest winners is final